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Outside Controller

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Sute Seay CPA’s Outside Controller services are uniquely designed to help growing businesses manage increasingly demanding workloads, and financially challenged businesses meet ongoing business office demands, despite RIFs and other cost-saving measures.

This level of service is often provided in conjunction with (as opposed to replacing) your current CPA firm. This approach empowers your business with the outside equivalent of an in-house accounting/tax director – even where minimal resources may be present.

Often in an Outside Controller engagement, an initial investment of time is needed to update and streamline the accounting records. Sute Seay CPA has a “tried and true” engagement plan when implementing this type of service. Our plan involves: (1) obtaining a thorough understanding of your business, (2) ensuring proper “close-out” of your books, (3) monthly maintenance of your accounting records and (4) training of your accounting and non-accounting personnel to support the financial reporting function. Simply stated, we become your corporate controller and have the flexibility to do so on a short-term or long-term basis.

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