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Corporate and Individual Tax Compliance and Planning

Sute, CPA - Services - Corporate and Individual Tax Compliance and Planning

Tax laws can change dramatically from year to year. At Sute Seay CPA, we are committed to staying abreast of these changes, so that we can identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

Sute Seay CPA offers the following Corporate Tax Compliance services:

  • S Corp tax return preparation
  • C Corp tax return preparation
  • Partnership/LLC tax return preparation
  • Non-Profit Organization tax return preparation
  • Employee benefit plan tax return preparation

Additionally, Sute Seay CPA can assist with the following ancillary compliance services:

  • Property tax return preparation
  • Sales tax return preparation
  • Payroll tax return preparation

We also provide the Corporate Tax Planning Services listed below:

  • Choice of entity recommendations
  • Tax minimization analysis
  • Purchases and sales structuring
  • Federal and state R&D and other credit analysis
  • State tax planning for multi-state entities
  • Employee compensation and incentive planning
  • Deferred compensation planning
  • Tax research and memoranda

Sute Seay CPA offers Individual Tax Compliance and Planning Services in the following areas:

  • Individual tax preparation
    • Form 1040 (and all associated schedules) preparation
    • State income tax preparation
    • Multi-state return preparation
    • Estate and gift tax return preparation
    • Trust tax return preparation
  • Amended tax return preparation and claims for refunds
  • Tax minimization analysis
  • Year-round tax planning, projections and related support
  • Federal and state tax payment estimation
  • Correspondence assistance
  • Buy versus lease comparisons

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