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Creative Tax-Saving and Credit Techniques

Creative Tax-Saving and Credit Techniques

Individuals and businesses of varying sizes can realize significant tax savings by taking advantage of any number of Creative Tax-Saving and Credit Techniques. The State of Georgia alone offers more than 30 different state tax credits.

At Sute Seay CPA, we can help you understand:

  • How Research & Development activities are qualified and quantified under current tax code, and how recent case law and legislative activity may affect the credit
  • How state-specific tax credits – such as those offered for hiring hard-to-place job applicants or “investing in the state” – can positively impact your business’ bottom line
  • How your business can make the most of capital allowances by taking advantage of “new business” tax credits and energy-saving technology and product purchase credits
  • How your business can minimize capital gains taxes by reinvesting the proceeds of a sale into a new asset
  • How your business can maximize deductions by understanding what constitutes a legitimate business expense
  • How cost segregation services can generate significant tax savings
  • How you can structure your new business with income, payroll, property and sales/use tax minimization in mind

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