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Financial Statements and Assurance

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Financial Statements provide a means for lenders, regulatory agencies, investors and customers to evaluate your business’ financial health. Sute Seay CPA offers three distinct levels of service relating to financial statement reporting: audit, review and compilation.

An Audit provides the highest degree of assurance for evaluators. An audit involves a critical review and independent verification of your organization’s financial information by a Certified Public Accountant. An audit results in an independent, professional opinion attesting to the fairness and accuracy of your organization’s financial statements and the representations they contain. Audits are often required by lending institutions, regulatory agencies and others who rely heavily on the information contained in an organization’s financial statements.

A Review provides a much lower degree of assurance than an audit, but is an acceptable alternative for many evaluators. A review is an assessment of your company's financial statements that ultimately provides “limited assurance” that no material misstatements were discovered during the “review” process. Management inquiries, analytical procedures, and a deep understanding of both your industry and business help ensure a comprehensive Review.

In a Compilation, we assemble financial data from your accounting records to present financial statements assurance. A compilation is akin to an unaudited/unreviewed statement.

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