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Financial/Retirement Planning

Financial/Retirement Planning

The key to successful Financial/Retirement Planning begins with understanding where you are financially and where you need/want to be, and then developing (and monitoring and adjusting, as needed) a plan to get you there.

Sute Seay CPA maintains key alliances and relationships with specialized financial planners so that we can assist you in developing a plan for a comfortable, secure tomorrow. Additionally, we can inventory and analyze components of your personal net worth and cash flows, such as:

Net Worth/Asset and Liability Evaluation

  • Regular and/or Roth IRAs
  • Section 401(k) or 403(b) plans
  • Self-employment retirement accounts (SEP-IRA, Keogh Plan or Simple-IRA)
  • Annuities and/or whole life insurance
  • Money market/checking/savings accounts
  • Brokerage accounts and/or independently managed mutual funds, stocks and bonds
  • Home mortgage
  • Home equity line or home equity loan
  • Car loans/leases
  • Credit card debt
  • Outstanding medical bills

Estimated Retirement Cash Flow Evaluation

  • Income, including: Social Security benefits, retirement benefits, annuity payments and/or part-time employment
  • Expenses, including mortgage, utilities, groceries, healthcare and travel

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